2123155862Today the Church calls for full, conscious and active participation by all of the faithful. Hospitality Ministers [Ushers, Collectors and Greeters] assist in creating an atmosphere which encourages members of the community to participate in the liturgy as fully as possible.

Because St. Patrick Church is our Parish home, Hospitality Ministers should extend the welcome of the faith community just as a host or hostess would welcome visitors to their home. Just as a host would be very familiar with their home and all that is in it, Hospitality Ministers should be aware of the appointments of the Church and their functions. In this way, they are able to offer valuable assistance to those who come to St. Patrick for the celebration of the sacraments.

Anyone can serve as a Hospitality Minister for St. Patrick Parish. Please contact the Parish Office at 603-635-3525 if you wish to serve in this important ministry.