Men of St. Joseph

Men of St. Joseph (MOSJ)

Men of St. Joseph is a men’s ministry for men ages 18 and up. We meet every second Saturday of the month in the Church from 7 – 9 am.

Today God is still calling men to care for children, to love and affirm our wives, to be honest workers, to serve our parishes, to do the things that will change the world. Unfortunately, this call has often been hidden or forgotten, and many of us have lost our sense of purpose and have not been properly affirmed in God’s unique and important call in our lives. Many men have become broken or limited by the false images of irresponsible men in our contemporary world, as well as the narrow stereotypes of male dominance from the past.

The mission of the Men of St. Joseph is to provide the opportunity for men to lead holier lives. We strive to become, and help other men become, strong men of God, seeking to know, love, and serve Him better.

Our goal is to bring men of the parish together to come closer to Jesus through our spiritual father St. Joseph. We do this by living out the 5 promises of the Men of St. Joseph:

1. Participate in Sunday Mass with your family
2. Develop a personal prayer life & attend a weekday Mass once a month
3. Experience the sacrament of reconciliation twice a year
4. Pray & spend time with your family
5. Gather together with other men to an annual conference & seasonal meetings

“As iron sharpens iron,
so shall man sharpen his fellow man.”
– Proverbs 27:17

We will gather in the Church for prayer, then we will hear a talk by a speaker. Afterwards, we will go to the Meeting room and have a light breakfast and coffee. Then we will break into groups and discuss the questions raised in the talk.

For more information, contact Al Lemieux