Just for Families

Just for Families

2074155080Welcome to our Just For Families Page! 

Here you will find information about family friendly activities taking place at St. Patrick Parish.  You will also find links to other informative pages on the web that will help you with everything from directions for making an Advent Wreath with your little ones, to suggestions on how to enhance observance of your Catholic faith in your home.  Some of these links will be helpful in answering questions you may have about your faith.

In addition to the links to resources, you will also find a link to a page with information about Baptismal Preparation at St. Patrick Parish.

Be sure and visit this page often.  You will always find upcoming events for families at the bottom of this page.

At Home With Our Faith is a website with wonderful resources for families. The site offers a printed newsletter that can be delivered to your home. There are faith sharing ideas for families and publications geared especially for young families with pre-school children as well as ideas for young parents faith sharing groups. To visit this fantastic site please click here.

Service projects for families
The family is the Domestic Church. This is where children first learn about their faith and see their faith put into practice. In fact, children learn best though example and families can take advantage of teachable moments to reinforce the values that our Catholic faith promotes. Families can create teachable moments as well. Service to others is a great way to help children understand the Church’s teachings on Social Justice based on Jesus’ compassionate ministry to others.

Kid Activities
This link will take you to a website that has dozens of ideas for service activities within the community.

Family Faith and Fun
Resources for Catholic Educators
Catholic Mom
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